McCartney guitar tops Bethel auction

Thursday, April 24, 2014

BETHEL -- A new electric guitar autographed byPaul McCartney tops the offerings at this year's St. Thomas Episcopal Church benefit auction. The ivory Fender Squier guitar wasn't played by McCartney, but it's similar to those he played when he was a member of The Beatles.

The opening bid is $1,685. "The cachet of owning something with Paul McCartney's signature on it really increases the value," said Dana Treidel, customer service director of the Bethel Music Center. "I would love to have it." McCartney's signature is written in swirling blue ink, in stark contrast to the guitar's white body. "It's from Charity Grow, which helps people who are having auctions," said Dawn Fawcett, who is organizing the May 3 auction with another parishioner, Robin Mitchell. McCartney "was aware that this would be sold for charity. That's why he does it." Along with the guitar, a red boxing glove signed by Sylvester Stallone, who played "Rocky" in a series of movies, is available. Signed photographs of astronaut and former U.S. Sen. John Glenn and baseball legend Mickey Mantle are among the other items up for bid.

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Source: News Times, Danbury, CT

Photo Credit: Carol Kaliff 

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