Miami home that ‘The Beatles’ visited during first trip to US to be demolished

Sunday, April 27, 2014

A home in Miami, Fla., "The Beatles" visited on their first trip to America in 1964 is to be demolished. According to Curbed, papers commissioning total demolition of the Melvin Grossman-designed residence at 5750 North Bay Rd, Miami Beach, FL, have been submitted and the wrecking ball will take the historic home down soon.

The home was owned by Paul Pollak, a prominent hotelier who owned the Thunderbird Motel. "The Beatles" came to the house after Life Magazine shifted the venue of a photo shoot, which was slated to be held at the Deauville Hotel. The mob at the hotel was uncontrollable and the shoot had become impossible. Linda Pollak, daughter of Paul Pollak , who is now running a PR firm Linda Pollack Associates, recalled the whole event for Chicago Tribune. Comedian Myron Cohen, who was in town to shoot the "Ed Sullivan Show" along with the Beatles, was her mother's friend and he insisted on bringing the Brit boys to the house for the photo shoot. Apparently, the Beatles were quite impressed with the house. They even came back the next day to spend time with Linda and her brothers.

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Source: Realty Today

Photo Credit: Reuters

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