New book offers Definitive Guide to the Music of the Beatles

Thursday, May 01, 2014

While Beatles books continue to flood the market, few focus on specific musical details. Who played what instrument? How did producer George Martin contribute to the group’s sound? Finally, and perhaps most importantly, why do the Beatles’ recordings stand the test of time and still sound distinctive? Musician Anthony Robustelli has undertaken such a project with I Want to Tell You: The Definitive Guide to the Music of the Beatles Volume 1: 1962/1963, a multi-volume series thoroughly analyzing every officially released Beatles song.

The recently released first volume, covering 1962-63, intensely studies Please Please Me and With the Beatles. Through his technical descriptions, Robustelli successfully argues how the Beatles’ music differed from their contemporaries. Robustelli provides some historical background on the group, but primarily focuses on ingredients such as George Harrison, John Lennon, and Paul McCartney’s unique vocal blend, Martin’s contributions, and each instrument’s role in the recordings. He points out how Martin’s producing skills played a crucial role in the Beatles’ music, as he was not a manager-turned-producer, unlike the Who’s Kit Lambert.

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Source: Something Else Reviews

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