Not Fade Away 1966: Tomorrow Never Knows, by The Beatles

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

That the brutality should come from the same source as last week’s acoustic sounds (even with the salt and vinegar of John Lennon’s voice on You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away) makes it all the more thrilling.

We have now arrived in the deep sixties, that moment in pop culture where the battle lines are being drawn up.

Again, you might say. Ten years earlier, after all,  rock’n’roll was seen as an assault on convention. But its agenda was purely sonic. In the sixties the assault was on culture and politics and sexuality and anything else that was going.

The sixties youthquake was marked by the hugeness of its ambitions (and when it failed to match them the distrust of the baby boomer generation from those of us who came after was all the greater. Because it had aimed high and fallen short).

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Source: Herald Scotland

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