One last Paul McCartney gig at Candlestick Park?

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Paul McCartney's long and winding road might lead him back to Candlestick Park. Park officials remained hopeful Tuesday that Sir Paul would sing the 'Stick's swan song before the wrecking ball strikes the place down late in 2014.

The sides are trying to schedule a date that would return McCartney to the site of the Beatles' final concert in 1966. "Keep your fingers crossed. It's a possibility," said Phil Ginsburg, the general manager for San Francisco's Recreation and Parks Department. The 49ers will bid farewell to their home since 1970 when they play the Atlanta Falcons next week on "Monday Night Football." Barring a shocking twist in the playoffs, it will be the last NFL game ever played at Candlestick Park. But the place won't be demolished until at least a year from now. And while the seats are for sale as souvenirs, they will remain intact until about this time next year. RPD officials say plenty more events "large and small" are on tap through 2014, including a community day that will give fans a chance to swing by to pay their respects. The big prize would be the return of McCartney, 71, who expressed interest while in San Francisco to play the Outside Lands festival in August. The San Francisco Chronicle reported at the time that McCartney floated the idea to Mayor Ed Lee not long before taking the stage.

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Source: San Jose Mercury News

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12/22/2013 6:11 PM
My campaign

I hve been working hard on getting folks to bombard the San Francisco Mayor Edwin Lee to make this happen.

On Paul McCartneys Officail web site he has a link called "You Gave Me The Answer" and I wrote ther in late June 2014 if he knew the stadium was coming down and he should try to play the last show ever at the venue.

I was shocked to read in the SF papers in August after the OUTLANDS concert that Paul was greeted in the VIP room by Mayor Lee. Paul said to him I hear that Candlestick Park is coming down" and Lee's jaw dropped open. Paul told him "Id like to play the last event there ever. Have your people contct my people"

I can only hope that my message unsired Paul to do this. In my heart I think it did,

EVER sice I have been on a campaign to get folks globally to write the mayor with his email address given, to beg to have this request accomplished.

Lately there has been a rash of articles on this with my name in it. I am very, very extited about the chance that  the message has gotten out it just may happen next year!

Harold Montgomery

McCartney's Request to Play Candlestick Campaign


12/24/2013 4:45 AM
Excellent idea!

Can Sir Macca come also to the LA area?

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