One Of The Beatles' Most Cheerful Songs Is Skyrocketing On Streaming

Friday, April 12, 2024

During Monday’s (April 8) solar eclipse, a number of well-known hits surged on streaming platforms as Americans got into the spirit of the event. Plenty of songs that had some connection to the sun, or the moon, or, more specifically, eclipses, benefited from the special occurrence. One of the most successful from that day comes from the biggest bands of all time, and it’s way up in terms of plays on the top streaming platforms.

The Beatles’ “Here Comes the Sun” gained massively on Monday as millions of Americans focused on all things related to the eclipse–even songs that weren’t really connected to the event. On that one day, the Fab Four’s track earned 656,000 plays on streaming sites, according to Billboard.

More than 600,000 streams in a single day is impressive. Given the fact that “Here Comes the Sun” is already more than half a century old, its performance is even more notable. The Beatles’ cut ranked inside the top 200 on Spotify’s U.S. chart on that day, beating out dozens of more current smashes.

Billboard states that when compared to the Monday before the eclipse, streams of “Here Comes the Sun” were up 58%. That’s a hefty gain, and one that could have real benefits for the band–even if the attention only lasted for one day.

Next week, “Here Comes the Sun” could return to one or two Billboard charts. It could find its way back to the Rock Streaming Songs ranking, which looks only at the most successful cuts on streaming sites like Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, and others in the United States–and specifically those tracks classified as rock.

“Here Comes the Sun” ranked as The Beatles’ biggest hit on the Rock Streaming Songs chart until late last year. It peaked at No. 14 in April 2020–a time when people really needed some sunshine. In November 2023, the group’s first single in decades, “Now and Then,” brought them to the top 10 for the first time when it hit No. 5.

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