Pattie Boyd Muse or Magical Mystery Woman?

Saturday, January 04, 2014

Pattie Boyd shot to international fame when she married George Harrison in the 1960s. Although Boyd had sparked interest and admiration during her modeling heyday in the early 60s it was her marriage to the “quiet” member of the Beatles that generated the most headlines and controversy.

Boyd’s marriage to Harrison would last for 11 years. The former UK model states that she was the reason and inspiration for some of the rock star’s famous songs. Boyd says that George Harrison had told her she was his muse for the song, “I Need You”. She has also issued a statement that claims Harrison said she was the reason he wrote “Something.” Many fans were astonished that Pattie Boyd filed for divorce from her famous husband, but more headlines were soon to follow. Her second husband was the singer/musician Eric Clapton who was also reported to be a close friend of George Harrison. Although this marriage was doomed to crash and burn Boyd is said to have been immortalized in a Clapton tune, “Wonderful Tonight.”

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