Paul McCartney Claimed That Suing His Former Bandmates Was the Only Way to 'Save The Beatles'

Friday, May 19, 2023

Paul McCartney was just one fourth of the iconic rock band The Beatles, all of whom rose to fame in the early 1960s and spent about a decade in the spotlight before breaking up. Though the young quartet’s uprising was exciting in the moment, some say it eventually went to their heads, with disagreements ensuing and friendships nearly ending before the band finally decided to call it quits.

Paul McCartney has had plenty of years to reflect on his actions surrounding Beatles fame — one of which included suing the other band members, which he says was the only way he could “save The Beatles.”
The Beatles’ rise to fame was something nobody could have seen coming. The band achieved worldwide recognition so quickly, and with a fan base so obsessive, that the whole movement was dubbed “Beatlemania.” And when the fame didn’t slow down through the 1960s, the bandmates eventually ran into disagreements, with McCartney and Lennon, the band’s two primary songwriters, having a major falling out by 1970.

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