Paul McCartney Gave Chris Rock The Perfect Answer When Was Asked About Aging

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

At 81, Paul McCartney still going strong, considers himself on first wind aiming for 100. Fans praise McCartney's positive attitude, secrets for aging well, including yoga and a vegan lifestyle. Rock asked McCartney about aging, received hilarious response from Beatles star.

The artist is getting older, but at the age of 81, Paul McCartney isn't quitting music. The Beatles star continues to age in reverse. While speaking alongside Chris Rock, Paul McCartney revealed his true feelings on getting older.

In the following, we're going to take a look back at the entertaining interview between the two, and what Paul McCartney had to say. We'll also reveal how the fans reacted to the interview. As expected, fans had nothing but praise for Paul and his thoughts.

We'll conclude things by taking a closer look at the ways McCartney is currently fighting the aging process, and what he's doing to keep a youthful look and mindset.

Paul McCartney Told Chris Rock He's Still On His First-Wind, Building Up To His Second-Wind On The Road To 100

Paul McCarntey has always been a great guest, filled with fantastic stories from the past. He's also full of wisdom, and that was on full display during his chat alongside Chris Rock. The comedian asked McCartney his take on aging. Rock asks, "When you were in The Beatles, what was old to you?"

McCartney told a hilarious story on how he once found a 24-year-old to be old just his teenage days.

"When we first started, kind of teenage, John used to go to an art school and me and George went to this grammar school next door. We'd go in during lunchtime and their was this guy out his class who was 24. We were so sorry for that guy. It was like, it must be terrible being that age. Not a good look."

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