Paul McCartney grants teen's wish for birthday hug

Saturday, July 27, 2013

A Nova Scotia teen received a once-in-a-lifetime birthday gift Tuesday at the Paul McCartney concert in Quebec City. Megane Rand says The Beatles are her all-time favourite band and it was surreal to see McCartney in concert. But her night took an exciting twist after she flashed a homemade sign from her spot on floor. The music legend spotted Rand’s sign, asking him for a birthday hug. She couldn’t believe it when he offered to grant her wish.

“I was freaking out! You know, it was Paul McCartney!” says the 13-year-old Kentville resident. “He said ‘um, well, it’s either you come up here, or I’m coming down there’ as a joke because I was frozen on the spot.” Randmade her to way to stage where she received a hug from McCartney. He also gave her an autograph and serenaded her with a rocking rendition of The Beatles “Birthday” song. “I don’t remember it very much because it was like a dream!”

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Source: CTV News

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7/27/2013 4:38 PM
Keith from Memphis

What an amazing act of kindness,to take the time to do this for this young lady.she will never forget this.Just saw Sir Paul in May in Memphis,what an awesome show,the music,the stories about how Memphis music influenced .What a great guy who doesnt have to do this but does anyway. God Bless Paul McCartney

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