Paul McCartney makes cancer-stricken fan wish come true

Sunday, August 04, 2013

Beatles legend Paul McCartney made a lifelong dream come true for a cancer-stricken fan by calling her when she was admitted in the hospital. McCartney called the terminally ill woman, who had left city government to become a top official at the MTA, to fulfil her life-long dream, reported the New York daily News.

Susan Kupferman and McCartney's wife, former MTA board member Nancy Shevell, were friends. "I wasn't on the call but I'm telling you, Paul called. He is a great guy," said mayor Bloomberg. Kupferman, 54, was in the final stages of cancer and died on June 26.

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Source: The Indian Express

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8/7/2013 3:16 AM
well thats nice

Great to see Paul do that for someone .. but it would be nice to help the hundreds of m.t.a. workers that bust their ass everyday and not get any new contracts for over 5 years and counting! Maybe his wife who never cared ask him to do us a favor!

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