Paul McCartney: My Life Was Threatened over Israel Show

Friday, July 12, 2013

Paul McCartney's life was threatened by BDS (boycott, divest and sanction) anti-Israel groups prior to a concert he performed in the country in 2008, according to Adam Shay of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs. “I got death threats, but I'm coming anyway. I got explicit death threats, but I have no intention of surrendering. I refuse to cancel my performances in Israel,” the ex-Beatle said according to Shay.

Shay said that many artists claim that they won’t perform in Israel for “reasons of conscience,” when the real reason is that they are frightened by death threats they receive. He added that many of the artists’ web sites have been hacked just ahead of their Israeli concerts.

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Source: Breitbart

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7/21/2013 2:11 PM
What do we do about threats against any music or musician?

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