Paul McCartney opens up about the real woman who inspired 'Eleanor Rigby' and says she ...

Sunday, March 31, 2024

Paul McCartney recently penned an essay for The New Yorker about writing "Eleanor Rigby." The Beatles' beloved song was inspired by "an old lady" that McCartney helped out while growing up. "Hearing her stories enriched my soul and influenced the songs I would later write," he said.l

Paul McCartney offered a deeper look at his creative process in a new essay for The New Yorker, titled "Writing 'Eleanor Rigby.'"

The beloved song by The Beatles was released on August 5, 1966 as the second track on the band's seventh album "Revolver." It was conjointly issued as a double A-side single alongside "Yellow Submarine."

The song's titular character has long been a source of intrigue for Beatles fans. It's widely assumed that McCartney was inspired by a grave marked with "Eleanor Rigby" at St. Peter's Church in Woolton, where he met John Lennon as a teenager in 1957.

McCartney has said this wasn't the case, and reiterated in the essay that he doesn't remember seeing the grave, though admits he "might have registered it subliminally."

Instead, the 79-year-old rocker attributed the song's inspiration to "an old lady that I got on with very well."

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