Paul McCartney Reboots Beatles Catalog for Neil Young’s Pono Music Player

Monday, January 12, 2015

All you need is cash: I am told that Neil Young’s high end music player and library, Pono, has scored a coup. They’ve secured the Beatles catalog for download in what’s known as loss-less digital.

Paul McCartney himself is said to be supervising the transfer of the Beatles’ crown in the jewel recordings so they can be added to the Pono catalog which can then be purchased and downloaded into the $399 Pono player.

This could be huge for Pono, which is already offering a wide selection of music on its site at 192 khz. But the Beatles will kick it over the top. Even last night when I ran into the Black Eyes Peas’ the first thing he said to me about Pono was “Wait til you hear Sgt. Pepper on Pono. It’s going to blow your mind.” The Pono people have already played the classic 1967 album for him on their device. One thing he did tell me was that you don’t need very expensive head phones to enjoy it. “Just regular good headphones.” (Me, I have Grado and Sennheiser.)

So more to come later this week on Pono. You can also download high end music from a very good site called, which can be played on an iPod or the Sony Walkman or your cell phone.

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1/12/2015 5:47 AM
Pono Player

   Can you let me know when the Pono Player, - is it a recorder as well? - will be available to buy in the UK.
How much memory does it have, or is it available in different sizes, or can you add memory?
It costs $399.00 in the States, - thats roughly in the region of £250.00. How much will it cost in the UK?

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