Paul McCartney Recounts The Time The Other Beatles Were 'Pissed With Me'

Thursday, February 15, 2024

Paul McCartney seems to be enjoying sharing the backstories of some of his most popular, critically-acclaimed, and beloved songs he’s released. The singer and songwriter is in the middle of publishing episodes of season two from his Paul McCartney: A Life in Lyrics podcast, which sees him looking to the past to mine great tales from the making of his hits.

In the most recent episode, McCartney talked about the Beatles tune “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer.” During the chat with co-host and friend Paul Muldoon, the rocker revealed that he and his former bandmates were at odds over the making of the cut, and that he was to blame for the squabble.

McCartney stated that he was something of a perfectionist when it came to recording “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer,” and that didn’t please the other Beatles. “I remember the guys getting pissed with me,” the Grammy winner revealed. He added that while it “took a little bit long to record,” McCartney himself was “very keen on it.”

All four of the Beatles were known as great musicians in their own right, but McCartney remembers that he “in particular would take too long.” The amount of time and care he poured into each track wasn’t for no reason, though. The legendary musician shared that he had to do so because he was “trying to get what was in my head.”

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