Paul McCartney Revealed the Lyrics He Wrote With 'No Meaning' Behind Them

Sunday, May 12, 2024

Paul McCartney said he liked writing surrealist lyrics. He gave an example of a song with no meaning behind it.

Even decades after releasing some songs, Paul McCartney sees fans poring over the lyrics, searching for meaning. John Lennon once said this was fruitless on some Beatles songs, as he wrote lines to purposely confuse fans. According to McCartney, fans might find themselves in a similar situation with his solo work. He said that some of the lyrics in one song had no meaning behind them.

In 1971, McCartney released Ram, his second post-Beatles album. Though the album initially received a poor critical reception, many have reviewed it significantly more favorably in retrospect. As fans continue to listen to the album, they’ve wondered what some of the whimsical, seemingly meaningless lyrics mean.

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