Paul McCartney sets sights on Candlestick's last bow

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sir Paul McCartney has tossed up the possibility of headlining one last concert at Candlestick Park - where the Beatles played their final gig for a paying crowd in 1966 - before the stadium's date with the wrecking ball.

No one was more stunned than Mayor Ed Lee when McCartney floated the idea as he was about to take the stage at his recent Outside Lands festival appearance. "And it was him who made the suggestion," Lee said. "Believe me, it wasn't something I, or anyone else, was expecting." It all began when Lee - with about a half hour to kill - decided to check out how things were going at the festival in Golden Gate Park the evening of Aug. 10.

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Source: SF Gate

Photo Credit: Ian C. Bates, The Chronicle

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9/20/2013 6:13 PM
candlestick park

i would love for paul to appear with ringo maybe with julian lennon and donnie harrison  this would be the closest thing to a beatles reunion

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