Paul McCartney’s Favorite Wings Song

Wednesday, July 03, 2024

Paul McCartney’s second band, Wings, gave him the freedom to write about more personal topics than he was able to while with the Beatles. Naturally his wife and bandmate, Linda, played a significant role in the personal side of his songwriting. Though he penned many songs for her, there is one song in particular that stands out in Macca’s mind. Check out which song that is, below.

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Paul McCartney’s Favorite Wings Song

A love so warm and beautiful
stands when time itself is falling,
A love so warm and beautiful
never fades away

We have to agree with McCartney’s laud of the song “Warm and Beautiful.” The simple ballad captures the feeling of all-encompassing love. Though he might lay it on a little thick, the sentiment reads as heartfelt and not schmaltzy.

McCartney once named “Warm and Beautiful” one of his all-time favorite Wings songs. Partly because of how gushing it was of Linda and partly because it’s nostalgic to him.

“A love so warm and beautiful/Stands when time itself is falling,” McCartney wrote in The Lyrics: 1956 To The Present. “I like that idea instead of just saying, ‘It will go on forever.’ I got a good feeling writing this song and listening to it now, I still do. ‘Love, faith and hope are beautiful.'”

“The brass solo is lovely for me,” he continued, explaining why the song reminds him of childhood. “Because it harks back to the brass bands that were so common when I was a kid; there would often be brass bands in the park or in the streets. My dad played trumpet, as I never fail to mention, and he had his own little band – Jim Mac’s Jazz

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