Paul McCartney's 'lost' photos displayed at UK's National Portrait Gallery

Saturday, September 23, 2023

Over 250 unseen photographs of the Beatles taken by Sir Paul McCartney are currently being displayed for the first time at the United Kingdom’s National Portrait Gallery in an exhibition titled ‘Eyes of the Storm’.

Paul McCartney had thought that most of the images taken in 1963/64 were lost – until to his surprise, one of his P.A’s mentioned that they have them stored safely in an archive.

At the beginning of their fame, Pentax gave away SLRs to all members of the Beatles. Paul enjoyed experimenting with the camera the most and started snapping candid and posed shots of the band while jamming, recording, relaxing backstage and on tour.

McCartney commented: “The truth is, I have always been interested in photography, from the time I was very young, when our family owned a little box camera in the 1950s. I use to love the whole process of loading a roll of Kodak film into our Brownie camera.”

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See the Photos here

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