Paul McCartney's new photo exhibit making U.S. debut in Norfolk

Sunday, December 03, 2023

In a Paris hotel room, Paul snapped a black-and-white selfie in a mirror. On the street, his friend John leaned into the camera frame, striking a goofy and almost schoolboy-like pose shortly before they jetted to America on a trip that would change their lives and millions of others’ forever.

World culture was indefinitely altered when they and the rest of the Beatles in February 1964 stepped off a plane onto a New York City tarmac, to a real-life soundtrack of shrieks from the several thousand young women who’d gathered. In America, Paul snapped a picture of newsmen chasing after their car and photographed the photographers who took pictures of him. Out of New York, he used color film to get a bright portrait of a shirtless George in Miami Beach. Once he even went bokeh, using the effect to capture an artistically blurred Ringo Starr smile.

Paul McCartney was a prolific photographer as a Beatle, and 250 of his images are making their U.S. debut in Norfolk at the Chrysler Museum of Art. This exhibition consists of photos he made shortly before and during the band’s first trip to the U.S., providing a taste of the private side of Beatlemania — the Fab Four during their downtime, the quieter moments in between grand adventures.

Source: Colin Warren-Hicks/


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