Peter Frampton on Beatles Tribute: 'A Lot of Not-So-Dry Eyes'

Monday, February 10, 2014

Guitarist participated as part of house band for "The Night That Changed America," premiering Sunday Just six weeks into the new year, Peter Frampton can say he's already had a pretty good 2014.

As if being inducted into the Musicians Hall of Fame in Nashville just after the GRAMMY Awards wasn't enough, Frampton played an integral part in the 50th anniversary celebration of the Beatles' arrival in the U.S. -- which reaches its zenith with Sunday's broadcast of the all-star "The Beatles: The Night That Changed America -- A Grammy Salute" on CBS at 8 p.m. ET. Recruited to perform for, and with, Ringo Starr during the David Lynch Foundation gala on Jan. 20 in Los Angeles, Frampton wound up backing Starr during the GRAMMY Awards ceremony and serving with the house band assembled by Don Was for "The Night That Changed America" taping the next evening. And, the guitarist tells Billboard, spending a week playing Beatles and Beatles-related songs is not a shabby proposition. "It doesn't get better than that," Frampton says. "You think you know them because they're ingrained in your soul -- until you start to listen to them and work out the parts. They're very, very clever. It was eye-opening as we all went, 'Ah-ha!' Don found this place where you can download just about every Beatles number, the multi-tracks -- which shouldn't be out there, but they are -- and we were able to isolate our parts so we were able to come up with exactly the right parts for the songs. I think it was, like, 19 or 20 songs we learned for all the shows, total, so we had our work cut out for us. "We're all just coming around after getting our sleep now, and it's all sinking in about what we did and what we were part of and how honored we all were to be part of this. It was something special, and it's part of history."

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 Source: Billboard

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