Ringo Starr “Really Excited” to Be Releasing New EP, 'Crooked Boy,' as a Record Store Day ..

Saturday, February 17, 2024

Ringo Starr recently revealed details about a new EP titled Crooked Boy on which he collaborated with songwriter/producer Linda Perry. Now the former Beatles drummer has announced that the four-song collection will be released as a limited-edition colored-vinyl disc as part of the 2024 Record Store Day event on April 20.

The EP will be available on black-and-white marble vinyl exclusively at independent record stores. Only 2000 copies of the vinyl disc will be sold.

“I’m really excited to be releasing an exclusive edition of my EP Crooked Boy for Record Store Day this year,” Starr wrote in a message on his social media sites. “I’ve always loved record stores from 81 Renshaw or Brian’s North End Music Store in Liverpool to Tower Records and Amoeba Records in [Los Angeles] and I support them with Peace and Love.”

Crooked Boy features four songs that were all written by Perry, who also produced the EP. Starr shared information about the project in a video update he posted on his in early February. The names of the songs on the EP are “February Sky,” “Adeline,” “Gonna Need Someone,” and “Crooked Boy.” Strokes guitarist Nick Valensi played on all four tracks, while Perry contributed guitar and backing vocals to some of the tunes.



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