Ringo Starr says The Beatles "didn't get along" and would have less albums without...

Wednesday, May 15, 2024

The Beatles drummer has given a new interview where he discussed the band's working relationship and Ringo Starr believes The Beatles would have made far fewer records if it wasn't for Paul McCartney.

The famous Fab Four drummer has opened up about the dynamics of the band in a new interview, where he discussed how they rowed and in later years relied on McCartney to motivate them.

Speaking to Dan Rather for AXS TV, the Yellow Submarine singer explained: "We didn't get along. We were four guys. We had rows. It never got in the way of the music, no matter how bad the rows got, once the count in, we all gave our best".

The drummer also went onto explain that the band - completed by the late John Lennon and George Harrison - found it hard to motivate themselves as they got older and their families grew.

"And that was a little later too, which I think is a natural thing," he added. "Suddenly, we’ve got lives and I've got children and you know, the effort that we put in 'cause we worked really hard was starting to pale a little and, you know, we always thank Paul to this day.

"Because of Paul, who was the workaholic of our band, we made a lot more records than John and I would’ve made. We liked to sit around a little more and then Paul would call ‘Alright lads’ and we’d go in."

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