Shows I’ll Never Forget: Paul McCartney, July 9, 2014

Saturday, July 12, 2014

At the United Center, Chicago: When attending a Paul McCartney concert, there are several guarantees: He will play an abundance of Beatles and Wings material, will toss in some recent tracks, and will astound with his seemingly boundless energy. Coming off a recent illness, McCartney appeared trim, fit, and ready to rock as he took the stage on July 9. Playing to a sold-out crowd, he treated fans to a nearly three-hour show packed with memories, emotions, and a desire to demonstrate that at 72, he has no plans to slow down.

Clad in a light blue jacket, white shirt, black pants, and his iconic Cuban heels (aka “Beatle Boots”), McCartney bounded on stage and immediately launched into “Eight Days A Week” for the opening number. He and the band segued into “Save Us” from McCartney’s recent album New, and the live performance enlivens the studio version. Wings fans were not neglected, however: He turned in renditions of the charming “Listen to What the Man Said” and the Band on the Run track “Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-Five,” his piano playing on the latter a standout. During his concerts, his instruments have become almost as famous as McCartney himself. He often wielded his signature Hofner bass, but at one point changed to the 1964 Epiphone Casino, the same guitar he played on “Paperback Writer.” Hearing the same guitar licks used on that recording added even more weight to an already-classic track.

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