Tenerife marks 50th anniversary of The Beatles' first visit

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Under the name "50th Anniversary of The Beatles in Tenerife", the Institute of the Canary Islands for Hispanic Studies (IEHC) has planned a dedicated programme to commemorate this special anniversary. Both residents and visitors will have the chance to enjoy live performances from cover brands, screenings of documentaries such as Let It Be and the film Yellow Submarine, exhibitions, forums and even a street market to buy The Beatles memorabilia, amongst other activities.

Back in 1963, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr, along with close friends Astrid Kirchherr and Klaus Voormann, holidayed in Tenerife after the release of their very first album, Please Please Me. The hit album, which included popular songs such as Love Me Do and Please Please Me, hit the top of the UK charts in May 1963 and remained there for 30 weeks.

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Source: Zimbio

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