The Beatles - A Day in The Life: November 23, 1964 (Monday)

Wembley Studios, Wembley

Beatlemania, coupled with the enviable position to dictate terms, now ruled out any possibility that the Beatles might make another live appearance on Ready, Steady, Go! So on this Monday afternoon, before a clapping and dancing audience at Rediffusion's studios in Wembley, north of London, the beatles taped a four-song performance for  insertion onto the following Friday's edition of the series (November 27, 6:08-7:00 pm), miming to "I Feel Fine", "She's A Woman", "Baby's In Black" and "Kansas City"/"Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey!" They also chatted with programme host Keith Fordyce. It was the Beatle's third and final RSG! appearance as a group.

The Complete Beatles Chronicle - Mark Lewison

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