The Beatles - A Day in The Life: November 29, 1964 (Sunday)

Studio One, Television Centre, London

The second part of John's contribution to the opening edition of Not Only....But Also was taped this evening, from 8:30, before an audience at the BBC's Television centre in west London.

Several items from his book In His Own Write were read, mostly straight to camera. John alone read "About The Awful" - his own biography from the book's back-cover - he and Norman Rossington recited "Good Dog Nigel" and "The Wrestling Dog" and then John, Rossington and Dudley Moore delivered "All Abord Speeching". Additionally, Rossington and Moore, without John's involvement, read "Unhappy Frank". Right at the end of the programme, as the credits were rolling to Moore's signature tune, "Goodby-ee", John also flitted somewhat maniacally across the screen.

The Complete Beatles Chronicle - Mark Lewisohn

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