The Beatles - A Day in The Life: March 2, 1970

-John Lennon agrees to experiment with Primal Scream therapy, the psychotherapy technique pioneered by Dr. Arthur Janov. John’s interest was aroused after Janov sent him a copy of his new book, “The Primal Scream,” which chronicles the theory behind his techniques. The book states that neurosis is a defense mechanism designed by the psyche to ease forgotten childhood pain, and can be treated by uncovering the root of that pain. The “primal scream” is the moment of unleashed anguish and passion, which breaks through the defensive blocks imposed by the vulnerable psyche. “That’s me!” Lennon cried as he read the book. He invited Janov and his wife, Vivian, to stay at his Tittenhurst Park home later in the month. Says Janov: “John was really taken with Primal Therapy. He wanted to rent the QE2 and have us all sail around the world doing Primal Therapy. He wanted to buy an island and found a ‘primal nation.’” (Perhaps this was one of John Lennon’s endless obsessions that actually did him some good.)

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