The Beatles Song John Lennon Wrote for His Mother

Tuesday, May 23, 2023

John Lennon was the most revealing and introspective member of The Beatles. Many of his songs revealed details of his past or brought to life emotions he kept trapped inside. These types of tracks were even more prominent in his solo career. One song he wrote for The Beatles was for his mother, with whom he had a troubled history.

John Lennon was born to Julia and Alfred Lennon on Oct. 9, 1940. His father abandoned him as an infant, leaving him alone with his mother. After receiving complaints from social services, Julia gave custody of John to her sister, Mimi, but the two still had contact. In 1958, a car struck and killed Julia when John was just 17.

The memory of his mother became a creative inspiration for the young singer. While The Beatles were initially a pop-rock band, they later wrote more experimental and sincere music. Many of these songs debuted on The White Album, which featured many songs written individually by every member. One song is “Julia”, which Lennon said he wrote about his mother.

Source: Ross Tanenbaum/Ross Tanenbaum


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