The Meaning Behind "Crackerbox Palace" by George Harrison and How a Hipster

Sunday, May 19, 2024

George Harrison is known by many for the profound, questing nature of his songwriting. But he also often displayed a whimsical side that showed that he didn’t ever take himself too seriously. “Crackerbox Palace,” a Top-20 hit for Harrison in 1976, managed to touch on both extremes in his artistic arsenal.

What is the song about? And how did a chance meeting inspire it? Let’s find out about how George Harrison happened upon “Crackerbox Palace.”

George Harrison had formed his label Dark Horse Records in 1974, but wasn’t able to record anything on it until his contract with EMI ran out. 33 1/3, the album Harrison released in 1976 that included “Crackerbox Palace,” would be the first release on the Dark Horse label that would be used exclusively for Harrison releases in the future.

Harrison recorded the album at a studio he had built on his Friar’s Park estate in England. And he served as a host to his bandmates, who actually lived on the grounds while the record was being made. That collegial atmosphere worked its way into the record, one of the gentlest and most good-natured of his career.

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