The pleasures of the Beatles Hey Jude album…..on vinyl.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Listening to the vinyl version of the Beatles’ Hey Jude album and it sounds amazing. Bought it second-hand Saturday at Aux 33 Tours for $20, but the vinyl is in top shape, and it’s like listening to Don’t Let Me Down for the first time, with Paul’s big fat bass jumping out of the speakers.

And looking at the label, I realize it’s got the original title, The Beatles Again. At the last minute, they decided to change the album title to Hey Jude to cash-in on that hit single. With the super cool album jacket in full-size lp version and this snap/crackle/pop sound, I’m think this is a steal at twenty bucks. Then again I am a little nuts.

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Source: The Gazette Montreal Gazette

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