The Ticket to Write playwriting contest

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Ticket to Write playwriting contest – launched as a Beatles-themed Festival – is  now open for entries for the third year when the selected plays will be performed at Liverpool’s Unity Theatre on July 15 and 16. 

The 2014 Festival has two new exciting changes: Plays need not just have themes on The Beatles – they can include the wider Mersey Music scene of the 60s. Plays entered should now be one-act 40 – 45 minute dramas rather than 15 minute offerings. As usual the plays can be about the people, stories inspired by songs and song-titles or any genuine connection with The Beatles or the Mersey Scene of that period. The winner gets a tasty £150 and it costs £20 to enter. Entries must be in by Friday April 18. All plays will be assessed anonymously by a theatre professional and three will go forward to be performed on both nights of the final when the audience vote will count towards the final result. All entries will receive a considered written critique from the assessor who will receive £10 of the entry fee. 
Full details, including fees and guidance  for non-UK entries, are under How To Enter on our website  

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