Visiting Ringo Starr at the Grammy Museum in LA

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Upon my insistence, my cousins Gina Furman and Carmencita Purugganan brought me to The Grammy Museum in downtown Los Angeles. I had read of the exhibit of Ringo Starr’s memorabilia at the Grammy and, being a Beatles fan, I knew this was something I shouldn’t miss on my US visit.

Instead of a couple of hours. We ended up staying the whole afternoon. How could we not? Titled “Peace and Love,” the exhibit showcases the life and times of Ringo Starr, the charming, inimitable drummer of The Beatles and my avowed favorite among the Fab Four. Here are all the details of his life, from his childhood in Liverpool, to his early days as musician, to the raucous days of the rock band that changed music history, and later to his solo career as singer, actor, artist, songwriter, winner of seven Grammy awards, and leader of his own All-Starr Band. Indeed, viewing the artifacts, letters, photographs and videos is like discovering Ringo all over again—and learning things about him not generally known during The Beatles’ heyday. Born July 7, 1940, Richard Starkey was a sickly child, with ailments like appendicitis, peritonitis and pleurisy causing him to miss so many schooldays he eventually dropped out of school.

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Source: The Inquirer

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