Welsh Streets regeneration plans approved - but government may call inquiry

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Plans for a major regeneration of the city’s derelict Welsh Streets have been approved – but the government may call a public inquiry. Dozens of people who have campaigned both for and against Plus Dane’s £15m plans to demolish hundreds of homes and build new ones turned out at the town hall for the meeting.

The approved plans would see the demolition of up to 280 houses and 152 new ones built in the Dingle. Passionate pleas were made by both sides, with pro-bid campaigners saying they had been forced to live in rat-infested, squalid conditions.In turn, objectors said they did not necessarily oppose the demolitions, but believed up to 40 or 50 homes extra to the 40 to be refurbished – including Ringo Starr’s former Madryn Street home – could be saved from the wrecking ball.

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Source: LiverPool Echo

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