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The Beatles are one of several musical acts from decades past that typically manage to appear on at least one Billboard chart every week. The group’s music is still incredibly popular, so it’s not odd to see them rise and fall on the weekly tallies, as Americans can’t stop streaming and buying their many hits.

All that consumption has helped The Beatles return to two rankings this time around. They find their way back with an album that was released decades after they split up and which has gone on to become one of the most successful compilations of all time.

The Beatles' 1 reappears on the Billboard 200 this week at No. 175. That’s a fairly low position for the beloved compilation, but the fact that it’s returning, and not simply climbing or sliding back, shows a noticeable uptick in consumption from one frame to another. It has essentially climbed at least 26 spaces, as last frame it must have been sitting at No. 201, at its highest—though of course no such position actually exists.

In the past tracking week, 1 moved another 8,488 equivalent units. That sum includes only 443 pure purchases, so fans listening on platforms like Spotify and Apple Apple Music did most o details

Following their sell-out Number #1 Tour across Ireland in Summer 2023, The Classic Beatles are back with their Magical Mystery Tour in 2024. Relive the sights and sounds of the Sixties in a stunning 2-hour show stuffed with the best songs ever written.

The Classic Beatles are the only Beatles Tribute band personally endorsed by Sir George Martin (Legendary Beatles Producer) and to have performed for the Queen. Widely recognised as one of the best Beatles Tributes in the world, The Classic Beatles Magical Mystery Tour 2024 is sure to satiate even the most hardened of Beatle Fans. Expect a whole new set – from Moptop to Rooftop – with all the hits and some new deeper cuts NEVER BEFORE performed live!

With multiple costume changes and lots of cheeky banter, catch The Classic Beatles at the top of their game for a great night’s entertainment. Fan favourites in the set include: ‘In My Life’, ‘Nowhere Man’, ‘Rain, Tomorrow Never Knows’, ‘A Day In The Life’, ‘Your Mother Should Know’ and loads more incredible songs.

“The vocal resemblance is uncanny” – Sir George Martin
“Best Beatle Tribute band on planet details

The Beatles drummer has given a new interview where he discussed the band's working relationship and Ringo Starr believes The Beatles would have made far fewer records if it wasn't for Paul McCartney.

The famous Fab Four drummer has opened up about the dynamics of the band in a new interview, where he discussed how they rowed and in later years relied on McCartney to motivate them.

Speaking to Dan Rather for AXS TV, the Yellow Submarine singer explained: "We didn't get along. We were four guys. We had rows. It never got in the way of the music, no matter how bad the rows got, once the count in, we all gave our best".

The drummer also went onto explain that the band - completed by the late John Lennon and George Harrison - found it hard to motivate themselves as they got older and their families grew.

"And that was a little later too, which I think is a natural thing," he added. "Suddenly, we’ve got lives and I've got children and you know, the effort that we put in 'cause we worked really hard was starting to pale a little and, you know, we always thank Paul to this day.

"Because of Paul, who was the workaholic of our band, we made a lot more records than John and I would’ve m details

Mike Love and Bruce Johnston of The Beach Boys have discussed their new Disney+ documentary, the support they had from The Beatles, and the health of songwriter Brian Wilson.

Interviewed by Mariella Frostrup alongside The Beach Boys’ documentary director Frank Marshall at Abbey Road Studios, the pair revealed that the 81-year-old Wilson – who has recently been placed under conservatorship for what his doctors call a “major neurocognitive disorder” – was still able to perform with the band for the film.

“Brian remembered things that I had forgotten from high school at times,” said Love. “His long-term memory is right there. He does need the help medically – but I think as long as he’s alive he’ll play that piano.”

“I’ve always been interested in how they all came together,” said Marshall, producer of the Indiana Jones, Bourne, Jurassic World and Back To The Future franchises and director of the 2020 Bee Gees documentary How Can You Mend A Broken Heart, on his reasons for making the film.

“[I was] always curious about the music and what made it happen. Documentary filmmaking is a journey of discovery &nd details

From the day he was born on October 9, 1940, to his final breaths in a New York City hospital on 9th Avenue, John Lennon seemed to be perpetually followed by the number nine for better or worse. He alluded to his connection to the number nine in various tracks over the years, including “Revolution 9,” “One After 909,” and “#9 Dream.”

But the coincidences didn’t stop there. For someone who was notorious for his glib responses about songs having no real meaning (like, for example, “I Am the Walrus” or “Happiness is a Warm Gun”), Lennon was surprisingly open to the notion that there was an uncanny connection between his life’s overarching trajectory and one specific numerical value. John Lennon’s Connection to the No. 9 Started At Birth.

The Liverpudlian musician, author, and activist’s connection to the number nine started on his birthday, the 9th of October. While Western calendars classify October as the 10th month, Lennon’s birthday fell in the ninth month of the year according to the Chinese calendar.

His childhood address contained three nine-letter words: 9 Newcastle Road, Wavertree, Liverpool. Other early conne details

Ringo Starr has new music out this year, but don't expect to hear it on tour.

The drummer was recently asked by Variety about previous comments he'd made regarding not playing new material on the road with the All-Starr Band because people tend to use those moments for bathroom breaks.

"I promise you, any band out there, say 'I'd like to do something from my new LP, EP, CD,' and you can feel the vibe of people going to the toilet, or going to find some T-shirts," Starr explained. "This, with the All Starrs, is so great because [playing the hits] is why we're there: We're the best 1-800 band in the land right now, with Colin [Hay] and [Steve] Lukather and everybody."

For those who do want to hear the new songs, Starr's newest EP, Crooked Boy, was released in April, produced by Linda Perry.

"Linda did a great job," Starr told Variety. "She wrote me four great songs, so I'm only playing drums and singing them, and the rest of the instrumentals, that's the band she found. And a big find for me was Nick [Valensi of the Strokes], on guitar — he was so great."
Country Music Coming From Ringo Starr

And there's more, too. Starr is currently working on his first full-length LP since 2019 details

Sir Paul McCartney has put his 2012 London Olympic boots up for auction to raise funds for the Meat Free Monday campaign.

The shoes, which he wore when he performed at the opening ceremony of the sports event, will be sold by Sotheby’s with an estimate of £10,000 to £15,000.

Sir Paul said: “As it was time for me to get myself a new pair of boots, I thought this might be a good way to help our Meat Free Monday campaign celebrate its 15th anniversary.

“Me and my boots have great memories of that special evening at the Olympic opening ceremony in London. It was a high to be involved with such an awesome and spectacular event. Something I’ll remember forever.”

He started the non-profit campaign with his daughters Mary and Stella McCartney to encourage people to not eat meat for one day a week to help the environment and animal welfare.

Sir Paul’s boots are similar to the shoes he wore while in the Beatles, and are now made without animal products.

Originally made by Anello and Davide, a footwear company specialising in theatrical footwear, the Beatle boots were an offshoot of the classic Chelsea boot.

The auctioned pair was craft details

Before they were selling out stadiums for tens of thousands of adoring fans, the Beatles were performing in rather racy venues across the U.K. and Europe. Aside from the questionable sleaze of the clubs they were able to book, the young musicians dealt with meager pay, shoddy sleeping arrangements, and an overwhelmingly lukewarm audience reception.

But everyone has to start somewhere, right?  The Beatles’ First Racy Venue Was An Afternoon Strip Club Affair

Years before Ringo Starr would join the Fab Four fold, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and George Harrison performed under the moniker the Silver Beetles with a rotating cast of percussionists. When they couldn’t find a drummer for hire, McCartney opted to sit behind the kit.

Harrison recalled the first and last professional gig where McCartney played drums in The Beatles Anthology. “It was in Upper Parliament Street where a guy called Lord Woodbine owned a strip club. It was in the afternoon, with a few perverts (five or so men in overcoats) and a local stripper. We were brought on as the band to accompany the stripper, Paul on drums, John and me on guitar, and Stuart [Sutcliffe] on bass.”

The dancer walked onstage an details

 Doctor Who 's "The Devil's Chord" changes The Beatles' history, but features some factual accuracy, like Abbey Road Studios ties.
The cast includes all Beatles members, primarily focusing on John and Paul, while weaving in other historical figures.
The use of the Mrs. Mills Piano in the final showdown reflects a unique blend of fiction and history.

Doctor Who season 14, episode 2, "The Devil's Chord," features one of the most legendary bands of all time, but certain facts about The Beatles' early years are purposefully different from what happened in real life. Although "The Devil's Chord" alters The Beatles' true history, parts of the episode are surprisingly accurate. John, Paul, George, and Ringo have strong ties to Abbey Road Studios, so it makes sense for the story to unfold there. "The Devil's Chord" adds to the list of historical figures met by the Doctor in the modern era, even if some details are intentionally incorrect.

The Doctor Who season 14 cast includes a version of all four members of The Beatles, including another famous Liverpool musician. Although all five fictional portrayals of the performers appear in "The Devil's Chord," it's only really John Lennon and Paul McCartney who details

Reggae legend Bob Marley and Beatles founder John Lennon had an unexpected meeting in California, Elton John’s lyricist Bernie Taupin revealed in his new book, ‘Scattershot: Life, Music, Elton and Me.’

Taupin recalled the night he and Lennon were at the ‘On The Rox,’ a bar above The Roxy Theatre in West Hollywood, when Marley and a large entourage joined them at their table. The Roxy Theatre was a familiar haunt for Bob Marley & The Wailers, with the group having played there on multiple tours, including their first run in July 1975, the ‘Rastaman Vibration’ tour in 1976, and the ‘Survival’ tour in 1979.

He said Marley and his friends were awed by Lennon, but Taupin was also impressed with the Jamaican singer, describing him as the undeniable center of attention.

“Marley is diminutive by comparison to his compatriots, but by no means a lesser individual,” Taupin wrote in his book. “It’s obvious he’s the engine, the focal point, the very eye of this mystical hurricane … It’s a surreal scene kicked up a notch when Marley reaches into his shoulder bag and produces a spliff the size of a baby’s arm.&rdq details

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