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July 13, 2014
by Act Naturally

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Pizza parlor owners connected to McCartney song
 - Sunday, July 13, 2014

Shows I’ll Never Forget: Paul McCartney, July 9, 2014 
- Saturday, July 12, 2014

Famous scene of Beatles on Liverpool town hall balcony re-enacted for homecoming anniversary
 - Saturday, July 12, 2014

Beatles photography exhibition to open 
- Friday, July 11, 2014

'The Beatles: The Night That Changed America' Scores Six Emmy Nods
 - Friday, July 11, 2014

Ringo Starr on the mystery 'train song' from 'A Hard Day's Night
 - Thursday, July 10, 2014

Ringo Starr fronts charity fashion campaign
 - Thursday, July 10, 2014

Paul McCartney to perform at Petco Park
 - Thursday, July 10, 2014

Ringo Starr Celebrates His Birthday In Style
 - Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Turning Stone launches new Hands of Fame exhibit with Ringo Starr's handprints
 - Tuesday, July 08, 2014

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See Paul McCartney Jam With Johnny Depp in 'Early Days' - Premiere
- Tuesday, July 08, 2014

"Early Days" is one of the highlights of Paul McCartney's most recent album, 2013's New, but its music video — which you can watch exclusively here — might never have happened if it was left up to McCartney. "When I've got a song, I don't think about the video," the singer says. "I'm sure some people do, but I don’t. I just think about the song, first writing it, then recording it."

Earlier this year, though, director Vincent Haycock sent over a video treatment for "Early Days" that caught his eye. "It's a memory song for me, about me and John in the early days," McCartney says. "But Vince came up with this great idea: Instead of having young lookalikes of me and John walking the streets of Liverpool, guitars slung over our backs, and literally acting out the song, what if it was any two aspiring musicians? I thought that was such a cool idea." Haycock spent a month scouting locations in Natchez, Mississipi, and Faraday, Louisiana, and casting local actors for the video's main storyline, set in the American South in the 1950s. He also traveled to Los Angeles to film a jam session between McCartney and some special guests. "I happened to ring Johnny Depp," McCartney says. "I said, 'Come along and we'll sit around and jam with these blues guys.' He said, 'Yeah, OK, count me in, man.' I knew it was an offer he couldn't refuse."

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Beatles manager Brian Epstein honored with 'Blue Plaque'
- Monday, July 07, 2014

Brian Epstein, who managed The Beatles from 1962 until his death in 1967, was honored Sunday in London with a Blue Plaque, a historical marker linking notable figures of the past to the buildings where they lived and worked. London's Royal Society of Arts began erecting the memorial tablets in 1867, attaching the earliest to the birthplace ofLord Byron.

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 Record of the Week

Gets heavy play this week!

please please me

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Please Please Me  Album Fun Facts

Please Please Me is the debut album by the English rock band the Beatles. Parlophone rush-released the album on 22 March 1963 in the United Kingdom to capitalise on the success of the singles "Please Please Me" and "Love Me Do".

  1. Release date: March 22, 1963
  2. Artist: The Beatles
  3. Labels: EMI Odeon Brazil, Apple Records, Capitol Records
I Saw Her Standing There
Anna (Go To Him)
Ask Me Why
Please Please Me
Love Me Do
P.S. I Love You
Baby It’s You
Do You Want to Know a Secret
A Taste of Honey
There’s a Place
Twist and Shout


The Beatles Song Quote of the week

If there's anything that you want,
If there's anything I can do,
Just call on me,
And I'll send it along with love from me to you.

The Beatles: John Lennon, Paul McCartney
Song: From Me to You





The Beatles 50 years ago today: July 13, 1964 (Monday)

The title track of The Beatles debut feature film and fourth US album was released as a single on this day in America.

A Hard Day’s Night was issued as Capitol 5222. Its b-side was I Should Have Known Better.

Its parent album had been released by United Artists, who owned the rights to the film. However, Capitol were able to issue the songs in other formats, hence the release of several songs from the soundtrack as singles.

The single entered the US charts five days after its release, and from 1 August spent two weeks at number one. On that day a record was set, as The Beatles held the number one positions in the single and album charts in both the UK and US.

The single A Hard Day’s Night sold more than a million copies in America in its first five weeks on sale.


They say it's your birthday! Happy Birthday for the week of
July 14 to July 20

Mon July 14

maureen curran from Cancun
Mauricio Carvalho from São José dos Campos - São Paulo
Dag Kajander from Kabelvåg
dominique filippi from saint-mard
Anelise Pianna from São Paulo
Gilberto Bueno from São Paulo
cecilia bcon trejo from mexico
Jeff Nussbaum from Philadelphia
dami ogunyemi from dublin
Eugene McUser from Minsk
Sára Kirjakovská from Dolní Branná
Kat Walker from Parkton

Celeb b days

Actor Harry Dean Stanton is 88
Actress-singer Polly Bergen is 84
Actor Vincent Pastore ("The Sopranos") is 68
Singer-comedian Kyle Gass of Tenacious D is 54

Tues July 15

Carol Gehm from Pittsburgh
Patricia McInturff from Oroville, Calif.
Brian Pinsonneault from Chatham
Jessy Jo Gomez from New York
Conrad Goetzinger from Omaha
Brian Mulhearn from Manchester
Luis Merino from Madrid
dona bratz from MEXICO
Kurt Davis from Olympia
Kristi Weisenburger from Shorewood
Ricardo Corona Torres from Mexico City
Terry Smith from Cincinnati

Celeb b days

Actor Ken Kercheval ("Dallas") is 79
Actor Patrick Wayne is 75
Actor Jan-Michael Vincent is 70
R&B singer Millie Jackson is 70

Wed July 16

FirstName LastName Gender City
Mark McKinley from Helena, MT
Laura Pérez from Mexico City
melo labay from Binan City Laguna
Luke Gosewehr from Haarlem
Edgar Valverde from Alajuela
Cesar Eduardo Placido Velazco from Puebla
natalia espindola from buenos aires
mark mckinley from Kalispell
Roy Mullins from Durango
Stephanie Castillo from Athens
Steven Zirinsky from new york

Celeb B day

Singer William Bell is 75
Actor-singer Ruben Blades is 66
Drummer Stewart Copeland of The Police is 62
Dancer Michael Flatley ("Lord of the Dance") is 56

Thurs July 17

Alan Lumbreras from Monterrey
Mariana Medeiros from São Paulo
Liesl Spann from Cape Town
Bill Reel from Pretoria
Jens Mackens from 21258 Heidenau
ERIC PEPIN from Sacramento
Jonathan Anderson from Semarang
Shane Pasha from Houston
Brandon Ziats from Pittsburgh
chana weiss from Etobicoke
José Farías from Santiago
Ana Seide from Berlin
Steven Isaacs from Virginia Beach

Celeb B day

Actor Donald Sutherland is 79
Actress-singer Diahann Carroll is 79
Guitarist Spencer Davis of the Spencer Davis Group is 72
Bassist Geezer Butler of Black Sabbath is 65

Fri July 18

Lewis Spedding from Carlisle
Laura Caraveo from LAS VEGAS
Art Miller from Woodstock
dave donnelly from liverpool
holly pringle from surrey
Andre Garcia from Norwood
Diane Workman from Lebanon
dave tocco from marlton
dave tocco from marlton
steph allen from Stuttgart
Jose Pinto from Campinas
Michael Maceranka from Maspeth

Celeb b day

Singer Dion DiMucci is 75
Actor James Brolin is 74
Blues guitarist Lonnie Mack is 73
Singer Martha Reeves of Martha and the Vandellas is 73

Sat July 19

Oliver Mortimer from Galway
Jackie Wills from Toledo
Carlos Rivero from cordoba
Pamela Hunter from Augusta
Scott Stevens from Boca Raton
Neeki Saiki from Bucuresti
Becca Lyman from Austin
Nick Demauro from Sanford
Jim Lucchesi from Elm Hurst
trammell byce from Andrerson
gilbert giles from Jershey City
Remy Van Neck from Hartland

Country singer Sue Thompson is 88
Country singer George Hamilton IV is 77
Singer Vikki Carr is 74
Musician Commander Cody is 70

Sun July 20

lisa sivesind from bakersfield
anisio brandao machado jr from sao paulo
Daniel Cox from Palm Springs
Julian Gonzalez from Mexico City
steve hartrey from London
Mike Szczepanik from Columbus
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jordan hawk from Calgary
mark moore from Knoxville
craig waker from Brantford
Rob Gavarkovs from Toronto
DC Wilkerson from Oxford
Miguel Angel Corona Torres from Mexico City

Celeb B day

Rockabilly singer Sleepy LaBeef is 79
Actress Diana Rigg ("The Avengers") is 76
Bassist John Lodge of the Moody Blues is 70.
Country singer T.G. Sheppard is 70

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A Hard Day’s Night in the top 100 movies? where does it stand for you?

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51-75  - 9.3%
76-100  - 13.1%
Nowhere Man  - 13.6%

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