March 18

Beatles Radio Weekly Newsbeat March 18, 2013
by Act Naturally

Paul Sir Paul Mccartney Gets Comic Book Treatment

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Sir Paul Mccartney's decision to leave The Beatles to seek solo fame has been turned into a new comic book.

The music icon's story will feature in a 24-page graphic novel, entitled Paul McCartney: Carry that Weight, which aims to give fans new insight into the Fab Four's break-up in 1970.

Publisher Darren Davis of Bluewater Productions says, "It is about Paul MCCartney leaving the Beatles. We tell that story. These are comic books. They're meant to be fun but educational, as well."

The new comic is set for release digitally and in stores on Wednesday (06Mar13).

Source: (Photo) Joel/Ryan AP

Beatles nostalgia: Paul McCartney marries Linda on this day in 1969 (GALLERY) Wednesday 12 March

It was a marriage that would last until Linda’s death in 1998.

Emerging from Marylebone Register Office in 1969, newlyweds Paul McCartney and Linda Eastman were mobbed by photographers and screaming fans.

The 26-year-old Beatle and his 27-year-old wife were married in a civic ceremony watched by Linda’s six-year-old daughter Heather and close family and friends.

Source: Cheryl Mullin
Mar 12 2013
Source: (Photo) Dave Hogan/Getty Images

Got to get you into my life: Loyal PA to The Beatles, Freda Kelly, is finally telling her story

They were the biggest band in the world and she was their biggest fan. "You were there in the beginning," George Harrison told her. "You're there at the end." Freda Kelly was The Beatles' PA for more than a decade. She ran their fan club and was a trusted member of their inner circle. Yet her story has remained untold – until now.

Breaking her silence for the first time in 50 years, Ms Kelly gives a unique insight into the band she idolised. Just 16 when she saw them play at the Cavern in the early Sixties, a year later she was working for the band and part of the extended Beatles family.

Ringo Starr's mother, Elsie, "was the nearest to a mother figure for me. I just adored her." Paul McCartney's dad, "Uncle Jim", took her drinking, and George Harrison's father, Harry, taught her ballroom dancing.

As for John Lennon's aunt, Mimi: "It wasn't that you were frightened of Mimi: you just watched your p's and q's."

According to Paul McCartney's stepmother, Angie McCartney: "The Beatles saw her as a sister and the families saw her as a daughter."

Now a grandmother in her late sixties, Ms Kelly beams as she remembers having "crushes" on each of the Fab Four. But did things go any further than that? Speaking in a new documentary, Good Ol' Freda, named after a dedication by The Beatles on one of their records, she laughs: "No!" Then she quickly adds: "Pass. There are stories but I don't want anybody's hair falling out or turning curly. That's personal!" The film has its world premiere at the SWSX festival in Austin, Texas, on Saturday.

Regret at failing to answer her late son's questions about The Beatles, and wanting to leave a legacy for her two-year-old grandson, Niall, prompted Ms Kelly to speak up in the end. "I would like him to be proud of me and see how exciting my life was in the Sixties and the fun I had."

She could "visualize the devastation" after the death of the band's manager, Brian Epstein, in 1967. "He was the anchor for everything." Towards the end of the Sixties "the penny was dropping with me that we haven't got any Beatles as a group any more".

At the age of 27, pregnant with her second child, she quit and lived "a normal life like everybody else".

Still living in Liverpool, and working as a secretary, she is tearful thinking about old times. "It is shocking how many people have gone that I knew. Fame and money doesn't mean anything; all the wealth doesn't cure cancer does it? I worked with a lot of good people, I did. I loved them."

But her memories also bring a twinkle to her eyes as she declares: "I'm still a Beatle fan. So although there's a 50-year gap since I started it, I still like to think that I'm back where I was in the beginning."

Source: The Indepenedant
Source: (Photo) Beatles Magazine

John Lennon sculpture moving to the Isle of Wight

John Lennon sculpture previously on display in Mount Dora, Florida, north of Orlando, is now on its way to the Isle of Wightin the UK. Artist Lawrence Holofcener had loaned his sculpture of John Lennon sitting on a bench looking up to the sky to Mount Dora for two years, but now has reclaimed the statue to transport it to the UK where he is relocating.

The life-size bronze Lennon sculpture proved to be a popular tourist attraction for the Florida town with many people posing for photos with the statue. Holofcener created the 'Imagine' statue in 2010 as a tribute to John Lennon's 70th birthday. He offered to sell it to the town for $20,000 but the budget-strapped city turned down the offer.

A former actor and broadway performer, Lawrence Holofcener found a second career in painting and sculpting. Other sculptures he has created include 'Faces of Olivier', which was unveiled by Sir Lawrence Olivier in 1985 in London, and 'Allies' unveiled by Princess Margaret in 1995 which depict President Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill.

A similar sculpture by a different artist depicting John Lennon sitting on a bench is on display in Cuba. Holofcener's Lennon sculpture is set for display beginning in April at Kendall's Fine Arts Gallery on the Isle of Wight.

Source: (Photo of the John Lennon statue in Mount Dora from 2011 courtesy Linda Starr, Blue Starr Gallery

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