Interview: John Lennon tribute artist Tim Piper

Saturday, April 05, 2014

Musician, actor and songwriter Tim Piper has traveled the world performing music made famous bythe Beatles, distinguishing himself as the preeminent John Lennon with roles in the CBS production The Linda McCartney Story, E! Channel’s John Lennon Story, Beatle Wives and as the singing voice of Lennon for the NBC TV movie of the week, In His Life -The John Lennon Story.

With Working Class Hero, Piper has performed at numerous special events, including being the only tribute act to perform at the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame, a pre-screening performance for the re-release of Yellow Submarine and the John Lennon 20th anniversary memorial gathering in Central Park. He’s also increased his portfolio even further with he much celebrated and extraordinary rock ‘n’ roll celebration of the life and music of John Lennon, known simply as: Just Imagine….A splendid time is guaranteed with Mr. Piper!!  Warm-Up Question: Tell us something about yourself/your career that’s really, really good – maybe something nobody knows. Tim Piper: I’ve been performing for over 25 years around the world and now am writing a musical based on the life of performing successfully as a ‘tribute artist’ only to  reach middle age and wondering what happened to my dreams to have a real life.

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Source: Rock Cellar Magazine

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