50 years since The Beatles broke up

Friday, February 08, 2019

We were pretty good mates until The Beatles started to split up and Yoko came into it.”

— Paul McCartney

“I just got so fed up with the bad vibes. I didn’t care if it was The Beatles; I was getting out.”

— George Harrison

When you talk to Beatles fans about the breakup of the world’s most popular music group, they will almost universally point to Paul McCartney’s April 1970 announcement that he was done with the group as being the “official” end of The Beatles. In reality, the end came much sooner, and this past Wednesday, Jan. 30, marked the 50th anniversary of The Beatles’ last public performance.

The band’s last tour had been in 1966, and the members had increasingly gone in different directions musically, with Paul continuing on a more mainstream pop music course, John moving into more experimental music, George pursuing more songwriting and eastern influences, and Ringo developing his acting career.

Source: David Hejmanowski - Contributing columnist/
The Delaware Gazette


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