A Jewish perspective of The Beatles

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Just as Judaism is an ethical and spiritual lighthouse, so too were The Beatles. Most religions have their roots in spiritual awakening. The Beatles had a powerful appeal to a generation in calling forth a spiritual bonding.

They sought out wonder, meaning, and innocence in their lives and music. Similar to Judaism, the religious allure of The Beatles was a vital factor in allowing the group to endure. They were spiritual apostles that evangelized a kind of gospel that resonated with tens, if not hundreds of millions of people across a broad spectrum of the planet. The own personal search for a meaningful spirituality was a major part of their attraction. Joining the Beatle religion was nothing more than a matter of "belonging to the community" of people who enjoyed their music and definitely agreed with the idea, tone, focus, and message.  They preached a fantastic gospel through music-not lectures and shiurim. Just as many secular Jews benefit from belonging to the Jewish community and don't go all the way into it, a large global community became part of the "Beatle community" by listening to their songs and loving what they stood for and following their incredible lives. They inspired us and left us in awe of them-as does the most orthodox Jew for Hashem.

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Source: Heritage Florida Jewish News

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

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