Bag O'Nails to Reopen

Monday, February 25, 2013

The London club where Paul and Linda McCartney met—and a favorite 60’s hangout for the other Beatles, too—will reopen.

"It was like a social club for The Beatles, they would come down after working in the studio," says Giovanni Baldino, who has worked for over a year to restore the Bag O'Nails in Carnaby Street. "We've kept the same styles and layout. The stage is original, we haven't touched that. If you close your eyes, you can imagine Paul McCartney was sitting there."

The Bag O’Nails will reopen officially in April, with a “soft relaunch” during March. 

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3/1/2013 1:44 PM
Since when is Sir Paul the only Beatle? Wasn't there a John Lennon?

Why is McCartney mentioned at times as if he were the ONLY Beatle? There was a guy named John know...his major writing collaborator and to be factual, the "other" front guy who sang MORE lead vocals throughout the Beatles collection than Paul. Most photos throughout the internet and your site show Paul as if he was the only Beatle that existed, suddenly the heart, soul, brains and creator of the fabs? Really? this history revisionism, or Paul's own industry endeavoring to alter Beatles history.....what gives?

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