Beatles' Icon Paul McCartney Is the Doting Dad to 5 Kids — Meet His Beautiful Family

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Paul McCartney is mostly known as a music icon, but when he is off the stage, the 78-year-old is a doting father to five amazing children.

Legendary singer Paul McCartney was a member of the popular music band, "The Beatles," and over the years, he has lived a great life with several awards and recognition.

In addition to his successful career, Paul is also a proud father to his five beautiful children. Here's a look into their lives.

Heather Eastman McCartney is the eldest of the McCartney siblings. Although she was welcomed by Paul's late wife, Linda McCartney, in a previous relationship, Heather has been adopted by Paul.

Heather is currently 50-years old and has made a name for herself as a British potter and designer with art exhibitions in places around the world including, Sydney, New York, and Paris.

Photo of Paul McCartney hugging his wife Linda Eastman. 1989 | Photo : Getty Images

Source: Busayo Ogunjimi/


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