Behind The George Harrison Song That Expressed His Anger Towards Paul McCartney

Sunday, July 03, 2022

It's probably fair to say that each of the Fab Four achieved a sort of musical immortality thanks to their time with the Beatles. At the 2022 Glastonbury festival, Yahoo! News reports, Paul McCartney was the star of the show, the oldest musician to headline the event in its history. The 80-year-old's set reached a viewership of 3.9 million people on the UK's BBC One, and the weekend as a whole shattered streaming records.

Still, it's not all about flexing a life-long license to rock out and being incredibly rich. the Beatles, of course, were and remain adored around the world, perhaps the most beloved band in history. According to Britannica, the term "Beatlemania" began to be used by the British press as early as 1963, and the scale of it all just increased from there.

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