Book recounts N.Y. family's Beatles magical mystery tour

Monday, November 18, 2013

Some families form a special bond through a common interest  --  whether it's over a meal, a sport or a hobby. In the case of Brooklyn, N.Y.-based Jere Hester and his family, their bond is a love for all things related to the Beatles.

After all, it was the music of the Fab Four that connected Hester with his then-girlfriend Theresa Wozunk, who later became his wife. And when they gave birth to their only child, Ella, the couple introduced to her to the Beatles' music and she got hooked -- it led her on the path towards being an aspiring musician. How the Liverpool legends touched the lives of Hester and his family forms the basis of his recently-published book, "Raising a Beatle Baby." Both a personal memoir and a travelogue, the book documents such things as Hester's love for the music from his youth; the trip that he, Theresa and Ella (who was then 8) took in London and Liverpool in 2005 to visit several Beatles-related sites, including Ringo Starr's former house; and Ella's brush with fame when she met Paul McCartney at a New York book signing. 

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Source: CBS News

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