Doc Spotlight: The Filmmakers Behind Under the Volcano, a Portrait of Sir George Martin's ...

Wednesday, September 08, 2021

Most people will know who Sir George Martin is from his work with the Beatles in the ‘60s and working with various artists after that. Maybe not so people realize that the producer had built a studio on the Caribbean island of Montserrat in the late ‘70s, and it would become the go-to studio for the likes of Elton John, The Police, Black Sabbath, Dire Straits, and eventually the Rolling Stones. That is, until fate hit the tropical island in a horrible way. One of the defining aspects of Martin’s Air Studios Montserrat was that it was located on an island with an active volcano, which wasn’t so much of a problem… at first. The volcano going off a few years after a horrible hurricane hit Montserrat put an end to Martin’s studio.

Source: Edward Douglas/


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