Garage Sale Beatles Interview Tape Worth $4,000+

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

When most of us go to garage sales, we don’t plan on picking up anything of extreme value. That definitely wasn’t the case for a lucky San Diego man, who picked up a rare Beatles interview tape at a local garage sale. The tape was said to have been recorded in 1965, before a Beatles show in San Diego.

The running time of the tape was around 29 minutes and featured all members except for George Harrison. In the interview, the Beatles touched on current events such as the recent Watts riots in LA, segregation at Beatles concerts, surfing and LSD. What a cool bunch if I may add.

The tape is currently up for sale at around $4-$4.5K. Talk about a nice chunk of change. Although it has yet to sell, memorabilia sites will likely get their hands on this before the price drops any further.

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