George Harrison Called Bob Dylan the 'Looniest' Person He Knew

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

George Harrison and Bob Dylan rose to prominence in the early 1960s, and each admired the other’s work. Harrison was particularly reverent of Dylan — those close to him said that the former Beatle adored him. He thought of Dylan as a musical genius but also conceded that he was a bit eccentric. Harrison explained why he thought of Dylan as one of the “looniest” people he knew.

Tom Petty worked with both Harrison and Dylan in the Traveling Wilburys. He explained that while all the band members were fans of Dylan’s work, Harrison was particularly reverent of him.

“George quoted Bob like people quote Scripture,” Petty told Rolling Stone, per the Petty Archives. “Bob really adored George, too. George used to hang over the balcony videoing Bob while Bob wasn’t aware of it. Bob would be sitting at the piano playing, and George would tape it and listen to it all night.”



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