George Harrison was in Bengaluru in 1973, and nobody knew!

Friday, March 23, 2018

Bengaluru: 50 years of the Beatles is cause for celebration and stories of meetings with the Fabulous Four are slowly making an appearance. George Harrison's love for India is well known, with many a mystical tourist destination laying claim to a 'house in which George Harrison lived'. Little is known, however, of his love for South Indian food, which brought him all the way to a traditional Jayanagar home in Bengaluru, back in 1973.

Pandit N. Rama Rao was one of South India's most eminent sitar exponents, often credited with popularising the instrument in the region. In the 1950s, he travelled to Delhi, where he became one of the first disciples of Pandit Ravi Shankar. The Beatles had made their first trip to India in 1968, "at the height of their fame," explains sitar exponent Pandit Shubhendra Rao, who was all of eight years old when George Harrison came a-knocking at his father's home!



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