George Martin reminisces about The Beatles in heartwarming new clip

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

George Martin is heard telling his granddaughter why he signed The Beatles in a sweet new clip shared by his son Giles Martin. Watch the video below.

In the footage, shared on Twitter, the producer discusses how he initially met The Beatles and what he thought of the quartet when they travelled from Liverpool to London to meet him. “Well, that’s a silly name for a start,” he’s heard saying when he recounts being told about The Fab Four.

He decided to give them a chance, commenting: “I met them in London and when I listened…it was ok but it wasn’t brilliant. But the magic bit came when I started to get to know them because they were terribly good people.”

He continued: “They were funny, they were very clever…and they were the kind of people that you liked to be with. So I thought, ‘if I feel this way about them, other people will feel this way about them’. So therefore, they should be very popular.”

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