Get Back: Tom Dunne has had a sneak preview of the major new Beatles series

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Let it Be was a divisive project. The original concept was that The Beatles would set up in Twickenham Film studios in January 1969 to write and record a new set of songs. Cameras would film their every move until after only three weeks they would perform these as a live TV concert.

It was, even for them, a ridiculously ambitious plan. As the days wore on it became apparent it wasn’t going to happen. Tensions mounted and eventually the band opted for the famous rooftop performance instead.

Chastened, perhaps, by this experience the Beatles took a break before reconvening back in Abbey Road Studios, to record one more masterpiece. With George Martin back at the helm, normal service was resumed. Abbey Road is many people’s favourite Beatles album.

It was only at this point that it all unravelled. Wildly different views of how their business concerns should be managed, the intrusion of new relationships and differing artist visions became their undoing. John, in particular, wanted out.

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